Delta Formulations help develop ingredients, or herbal blends can help avoid sedimentation and precipitation of powders in beverages.

Our powder treatment approaches typically involve techniques such as homogenization, micronization, microencapsulation, and spray drying.

Solubility enhancement

Various herbals needed to develop health-oriented beverages increase in demand year by year. It is still a challenge to bring natural ingredients without precipitation and sedimentation to your final product.

At delta formulations employing various techniques, we can help develop beverage-based ingredients that suit your beverage formulation needs.
Our recent projects: Ginger Moringa Bacopa Ashwagandha

Taste masking

Bitter or sour ingredients can be encapsulated with different coating materials to mask taste without influencing nutritional content. In addition, our strategies allow you to develop your finished beverage formulations without sedimentation or precipitation of your ingredients.