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Spray Drying

Delta Formulations offering best spray drying job works in India. These jobs include developing dry powders or granules from liquids/matrix of variable viscosities. This helps in increasing the stability of your product.

Spray drying is a process in which a powder of regular sized fine particles is obtained from liquids or slurry by blowing hot air using a centrifugal blower.

The hot air is introduced to the nozzle of the Atomizer Spray from the top, at a certain height, to ensure effective spray of powder. It comes in contact with liquid to form regular sized fine particles, by using filtered air through centrifugal blower. The formed fine particles fall on the conical surface of the chamber. This chamber can be dislodged through the opening at the bottom with the help of Electromagnetic hammers installed from outside of the cone. The processed air is then treated through Cyclone in order to separate and collect any fines particles escaping from spray chamber.

Finally, the clean air is exhausted to the atmosphere at the sufficient height. This complete system is operated in vacuum to ensure an efficient spraying process.

The recovery of fine powder from your material depends on solid content in the liquid and drying conditions selected.

Note: All the equipment used are 316 grade inox and adhere to the industry standards. Put your trust in Delta Formulations and get the best and customized spray drying job works in India.


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