Deltaformulations-Spray coooling

Spray Congealing/Chilling

Spray Congealing is the process of solidifying an atomized liquid spray into particles. It is also termed as spray cooling, melt spraying, spray chilling, or prilling. Using this process, solid particles from few microns to several millimeters can be made.

It can be used to achieve microspheres with encapsulation, either by using active ingredients or by using additives which are dispersed homogeneously. Based on your needs, additives, carriers or other matrix materials can be used for congealing process. These materials can be fats, waxes and other gelling hydrocolloids.

The spray congealing techniques yield high throughput, are cost effective, and simple to operate. In addition, these sustain release technologies allows you to reach targeted location solubility at your desired pH, moisture etc. Spray congealing services are available in India in Vijayawada and Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.


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