Pet and Aqua Care

Pet and aqua product development has become a booming industry, and researchers are always looking for sustainable and cost-effective solutions. However, developing products free from toxins and incorporating ingredients or excipients with less carbon footprint is challenging.

Using our services and techniques, you can create unique and sustainable ingredients that keep you in a better position in competitive markets.

Pharmaceutical cocrystals

Pharmaceutical cocrystal engineering may be a potential approach to improve the physicochemical properties of pharmaceuticals. At DeltaFormulations, we are using a solvent-free method to develop cocrystals with SprayCongealing.

Here are some exciting definitions of Cocrystals: FDA: crystalline materials composed of two or more different molecules, one of which is the API, in a defined stoichiometric ratio within the same crystal lattice that is associated by nonionic and noncovalent bonds.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA):homogenous (single-phase) crystalline structures made up of two or more components in a definite stoichiometric ratio where the arrangement in the crystal lattice is not based on ionic bonds (as with salts).

Modified release

Microencapsulation offers a solution concerning targeting a specific drug to an organ or tissue and controlling the rate of drug delivery to the target site. In addition, it allows us to resolve APIs' inability to restrain and localize the system at targeted areas of the gastrointestinal tract.

Among various advantages, encapsulating active agents against (e.g., enzymatic) degradation and controlling the APIs therapeutic requirement to the patient, the desired drug release profile can be assessed and handled accordingly.