All operations at our Pune site is now completely shifted to the following address: Nuzvid, Krishna (dt), Andhra pradesh,India, 521201. We are 29 kms away from Vijayawada(Gannavaram) airport.

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From lab-scale samples to full-scale production, we have the manufacturing sites and quality systems to service a wide variety of applications and markets.
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Formulation Development for Su

In most cases, drugs (hydrophobic drug) or vitamins with poor water solubility possess low oral bioavailability which is considered as a challenge for pharmaceutical and food supplements industry.

Spray Dryer: A Globally Apprec

Spray drying is a method of producing a dry powder from a liquid or slurry by rapidly drying the mixture with a hot gas. This method of drying is preferred for many thermallysensitive materials such as herbsand pharmaceuticals. Herbs needextraattention to preserve their phenols, flavonoids and other active constituents even after they are processed. Using spray dryer, extracts obtained from herbs can be converted into powders with all their acti

Bringing High Quality Proteins

Manufacturing of protein powders on a largeindustrial scale is verycrucial and challenging when compared to preparing them on a small scale. Spray drying can beused to achieve pilot-scale, semi-industrial and industrial scale with great ease in terms of operational and volume. Also, spray drier canconvert your protein-rich liquid forms into powder forms without denaturing proteins. Such an approach also helps to retain flavors in natural form as


About Us


Delta Formulations is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) specializing in spray drying, spray congealing, and formulation development services. Our uniqueness in pharmaceutical excipients and phytopharmaceutical areas, along with other life-science domains, allows Delta Formulations to support you in developing lab-scale samples and full-scale production.

Our expertise over these past years in dealing with various projects across multiple industries will surely make Delta Formulations your unique partner. We are also privileged to share our knowledge and expertise with our clients from multiple start-ups, medium-scale companies, along with multi-national companies. We are proud to announce that our clients are from various industries ranging from Research Institutes, Universities, and Pharma to Cosmetics, Food, Bio-pesticides, Herbal, Chemical, Engineering, Biotech, and Biomedical, benefit from our services.

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