With solid expertise in processing technologies, DeltaFormulations is undoubtedly an appropriate choice to be your Strategic partner for contract research and development and toll manufacturing of excipients, intermediates. You can also test the compatibility of your excipients in-house at our in-house galenic formulations facility.

Delta Formulations has pharmaceutical formulations knowledge and in-depth expertise in processing technologies for more than a decade. Our uniqueness is that we can customize our equipment faster to suit your research and product needs. You can find customization makes us unique in this area across India, and we strive to make you unique and gain the market, time, and resources.

Amphorphus Solid dispersions

Amorphous solid dispersions (ASDs) are suitable methods to change APIs' properties by enhanced dissolution rate, solubility, and bioavailability. It consists of an amorphous active pharmaceutical ingredient that is stabilized by a polymer to produce a system with improved physical and solution stability.

Typically polymers in combination with APIs are subjected to spray drying or hot-melt extrusion to improve the solid-state stability of amorphous solid dispersions. Various advantages of solid dispersions over other technologies include extended-release and combination formulations, scalable process, and crystalline drugs that can be prepared in an amorphous form and be physically stabilized

Microencapsulated particles

Microencapsulation offers a solution concerning targeting a specific drug to an organ or tissue and controlling the rate of drug delivery to the target site. In addition, it allows us to resolve APIs' inability to restrain and localize the system at targeted areas of the gastrointestinal tract.

Among various advantages, it encapsulates active agents against (e.g., enzymatic) degradation and controls the APIs' therapeutic requirement to the patient; the desired drug release profile can be assessed and handled accordingly.

Pharmaceutical cocrystals

"Pharmaceutical cocrystal engineering may be a potential approach to improve the physicochemical properties of pharmaceuticals. At DeltaFormulations, we are using a solvent-free method to develop cocrystals with SprayCongealing.

Here are some exciting definitions of Cocrystals: FDA: “crystalline materials composed of two or more different molecules, one of which is the API, in a defined stoichiometric ratio within the same crystal lattice that is associated by nonionic and noncovalent bonds.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA): “homogenous (single-phase) crystalline structures made up of two or more components in a definite stoichiometric ratio where the arrangement in the crystal lattice is not based on ionic bonds (as with salts).”

Micronized powders for oral delivery

Considering the vast majority of newly developed drugs are poorly water-soluble- the Micronization of drug particles enables to resolve the dissolution and bioavailability problems for several pharmaceutical dosage forms.

Micronization of APIs properties such as particle size, size distribution, shape, surface properties, agglomeration behavior, and powder flow can be altered using spray drying. To modify drug release and absorption profiles spray drying technique could offer advantages by incorporating a wide range of excipients into the spray-drying feedstock and resultant API powder (e.g, Pulmonary or inhalation APIs)


Liposomes and nano-emulsions help to improve bioavailability for poorly bioavailable molecules. They are produced using high-pressure homogenization then with subsequent spray drying. We help you strategize on selecting suitable lipophilic excipients and thus overcome pre-systemic metabolism and drug transport and efflux effects.