Developing natural or organic certified ingredients is always challenging with the increasing demand for developing innovative organic food products. In the last few years, food technologists' efforts to bring traditional food ingredients by combining science and technology allow avoiding chemical-based ingredients in the food industry.

Delta Formulations is always keen to help entrepreneurs and scientists to develop sustainable innovations using technologies available in-house.

Taste compliance

You can obtain taste-masked microspheres to mask bitter taste ingredients for better customer compliance for eating. For instance, various nutritional valued ingredients that are targeted to baby products can be developed using microspheres.

In addition, we can develop microspheres considering your final product formulations, which can also allow your product to be organic certification.

Solid Dispersions

A combination of food ingredients mixed either on slow homogenization or high shear mixing with suitable emulsifiers or stabilizers and then subject to spray drying allows your increased convenience to prepare your products in addition to its enhanced stability.

At Delta Formulations, our researchers help you to strategize your project according to your needs. Our typical projects are with protein powders, fat and protein powder combinations, and other specialties. Subjecting your product to spray drying allows us to mask the taste and control particle size without compromising nutritional content and color fading.

Combination wax or Fats (Micronization)

With our spray congealing technique, you were having higher melting waxes combined with low melting waxes or fatty acids you can achieve with suitable particle size.

Over the last years at Delta Formulations, our research team developed an in-house technique that can have low oxygen exposure to your fats during the processing, leading to enhanced stability. We are also FDA approved facility for the micronization of different combinations of solidified fats and wax flakes.