Personal Care

Our facility can transform herbal raw materials into high valued skin treatment ingredients according to your formulation needs. In addition, our Galenic laboratory allows you to test the suitability of the developed ingredient or blend to your formulation using accelerated stability testing on-site.

You can also develop surface treatment pigments suitable to your beauty or make-up products. Our product-centric understanding allows you to use appropriate on-site techniques to build, test, and manufacture your customized pigments.

Micro Encapsulation

Microencapsulation of personal care active substances increased stability and thus longer shelf-life. Apart from active ingredients, the coating material selection is based on several mechanisms, such as mechanical action, heat, diffusion, pH, biodegradation, and dissolution.

In addition, the encapsulated shell material selection depends on active constituent concentration, stability, particle size, release kinetics, etc. In several herbal active ingredients, encapsulation also ensures to mask unpleasant odors enable topical products formulators to use them in broad formulations and high concentrations.

Surface treatment of Pigments

Surface treatments to pigments allow a broad modification of the surface characteristics of the pigment particles, which leads to novel improved products. In general, pigments hold a hydrophilic surface, leading to formulation problems such as poor skin feel, poor chemical stability, poor dispersibility, and poor wettability.

Therefore, these pigments are treated with various coating materials such as silicon and amino, and fatty acids. Our innovative method allows lower oxidation of coating material during the surface coatings.