Discover enormous possibilities to develop your nutraceutical ingredients that allow your formulations to be unique in the market.

We help you process high-quality raw materials or ingredients using our expertise and flexible equipment to process from pilot-scale to production volumes. In addition, our in-house quality management systems allow us to apply strict procedures to ensure consistent quality with end-to-end product traceability for each batch produced.

Crude extracts are processed into the finest raw materials and further to your desired products or applications—all sub-process at our in-house facilities without compromising your nutraceutical end-product quality. Furthermore, Delta Formulations is fully-installed with equipment needed to clean, dry, and process raw ingredients.

Sustain release active ingredientst

Microencapsulation ensures the stability of various bioactive and polyphenolic compounds of medicinal herbs extract using a spray drying preocesses.

It also allows the development of polyherbal formulations with control release and preserving herbal actives from environmental conditions, such as oxidation, moisture, pH, and temperature. Furthermore, it is proven that the encapsulated herbal microparticles possess good stability, solubility, and enhanced bioavailability.

Herbal Powders

Spray drying ensures phytopharmaceuticals with good efficacy, safety, and consistent quality. In general, spray-dried medicinal powders are preferred to liquid forms because of their higher stability.

These obtained sprays dried powders comply with physicochemical (e.g., moisture content, hygroscopicity, particle size, density, the concentration of active ingredients) and mechanical (e.g., flowability and compressibility)properties used in a solid pharmaceutical form. Various ingredients like aerosol, maltodextrin are used as spray drying agents

Herbal active liposomes

Most herbal phytoconstituents have drawbacks, primarily due to stability, gastric degradation, and low lipid solubility. Encapsulation within liposomes protects compounds from early inactivation, degradation, and dilution in the circulation.

Liposomes are generally considered pharmacologically inactive with minimal toxicity, as they tend to be composed of natural phospholipids. Liposomes are effective carrier systems for the delivery of herbal extracts with improved therapeutic effects by enhancing their limitations.