Other Services

A wide range of support services are provided to ensure all your complex issues are dealt with and all your samples are transformed into a stable formulation.

Liquid Blender

In most cases, clients’ samples require pre-blending before spray drying or spray congealing. The purpose of doing pre-blending can be to mix encapsulation material into sample or to bring homogeneity within the product before spray drying is done. Various capacity liquid blenders are offered which support laboratory scale of 5 liters to 250 liters. All the tanks comply with inox 316 grade standard. A special customizable agitator system ensures a constant and excellent quality when mixing different liquids. The specially designed high-speed emulsifying head and low speed blade agitator with attached scrapers, allows to achieve a high efficiency in mixing and homogenizing process.

Deltaformulations-Liquid blending

Filter presses

The facility has various filter presses to filter out particulate and other materials in your sample before spray drying. These filter presses support different volumes and can filter slurries-liquids of different viscosities. These are used to separate solids and liquids from slurry or liquid with the help of horizontal filter plates and filter. These filter presses are designed such that they reduce loss of sample to the walls thus ensuring your precious sample is not wasted during filtration.

Deltaformulations-Filter press


It is important to know the possible solid content of your sample or material so as to have efficient spray drying or spray congealing process. Refractometers are used to identify a liquid sample and to determine the amount of or the concentration of dissolved substances in the sample. For example, this measurement provides you with the possible amount of dissolved material in your liquid.


Vibro shifter

Once you obtain your spray dried material, you can decide to sieve your powder into desired particle size and fineness using Vibro shifter. Our sieves ranges from 50 microns, 100 microns to 250 microns.

Deltaformulations-Vibro shifter

Powder Blender

Once you have obtained your spray dried powders with desired fineness, the blenders can help you to mix these powders with other powders of your choice. The approach is to have these blenders in-house. This is done to reduce the help clients need to mix their spray dried or spray congealed powders into other powders of their choice (mainly stability reasons). These blenders are specially designed and can even mix liquid into these powders (e.g. Liquid preservatives).

Deltaformulations-Powder Blender

In-process quality control tests

Most of the in-process controlled tests can be done at the quality control labs. These tests can be to determine pH factor, acid value, iodine value, peroxide value etc. In case these tests are not available, or are not sufficient, there are trusted out-sourced partners to help you in such situations.

Deltaformulations-Quality control

Stability chamber

In order to understand how many months of extended stability your obtained powders can hold, its nature can be tested. Right now only accelerated stability tests are offered, which allow you to extrapolate the stability of your product.

Deltaformulations-Stability chamber