Powder Blending

Powder Blending services helps you to get a blend of your powders with desired ratios even if they have different densities.

Delta Formulations provide an innovative powder blender design which helps you to obtain repeatable and reproducible mixing patterns. All the blenders can be controlled by changing rotations per minute. The torque of motor can also be customized. In order to mix powders with different densities, adaptable torque is applied for efficient mixing. It also allows to add liquid-dosing into your powder mixtures, for example perfumes, essential oils, colors or other additives.

On request: With special blenders, blending of powders which are temperature sensitive is also offered.

Powder Blending services are best provided in Vijayawada and Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.


Our Recent Projects

Mineral mixtures

Deltaformulations-Mineral mixtures

Nutraceutical Granules mixed with additive

Deltaformulations-Nutraceutical Granules mixed with additive

Herbal powders and essential oils mixed with Talc

Deltaformulations-Herbal powders and essential oils mixed with Talc